What Anti-Virus Are You Using. If you don’t Know, You Need Too Keep Reading

What Anti-Virus are using?

Anti-Virus software are not created equal.  I have used Norton Anti-Virus,  McAfee, AVG, Spy Sweeper  to name a few.  Most of them seem to slow my computer down.  This is why I got into cleaning Malware from computers for a living.  In my quest for finding an Anti-Virus solution that was able to protect my PCs’ and not degrade performance.

After purchasing a new computer from Dell I notice something was causing my computer to stall.  It came with Norton Anti-Virus but I also installed Spy Sweeper to protect my computer.  More the better right?  Now I know this is what crashed my computer.  I discovered that you can not have two Anti-Virus programs active at the same time.  Both are trying to do the same thing.  Protect your computer.  Well you can, however they can not be loaded in memory.  My computer got infected and it crashed.  I now know that the two virus definitions for Norton and Spy Sweeper corrupted my Windows XP and I eventually got infected.

So I had to reload my operating system and I needed a new Anti-Virus protection.  That’s where I found Avast.  I download avast! antivirus software a complete virus protection with anti-spy-ware technology offering full desktop security including a resident shield.  It’s FAST and works flawlessly with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 the also have a version for Mac.  I have even tried it on my Android phone.
From its headquarters in the Czech Republic, Avast is able to completely secure your computer with automatic updates that notifies you by audio daily.  It is a great tool and I use it exclusively. All my customers agree to  use Avast after I tell them how much better it is over Norton.

Click on this link to get a you copy of Avast.

I need to add that just installing Avast will not fix your computer.  In fact it may make it worse.  You need to follow the below steps to get your computer more stable and secure and virus free.

1. Remove old or any Anti-Virus software currently installed from the control panel add/remove programs icon.

2. Reboot.

3. Clean your computer with this program.  Most computers are not currently protected.  If this is your case, you computer is most likely infected.  So you need to get it clean first.  Install Malwarebytes, Click here now. Yes both products are FREE.  However if you really want to protect your computer get the professional versions.  If you want to set it and forget it then you need to purchase the professional versions. Unless you like to manually update the database and Malwarebytes and Avast to scan daily, then get the upgraded version to have piece of mind.  I use the Professional version and I have not gotten infected in 10 years and counting.  After you download Malwarebytes, install it, update and scan your computer.  Remove any infections that it finds.  Please note that you need to the history in Malwarebytes to ensure that all infections are gone.  Watch my video to learn how to use Malwarebytes successfully.  Reboot after you remove any infections.

4. Now you can install Avast Anti-Virus and reboot.  You are now protected and secure.

Stay Safe My Friends

Ralph O. Walker Sr.